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Keunstmusea's yn Noard-Amearika biede fergees tagong oan

Skreaun troch Jürgen T Steinmetz

On mei 18, 144 members of the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) will offer free or reduced admission and special programs for the eighth annual Art Museum Day.

The theme of this year’s celebration is Art Museums Foster Vibrant Communities. This theme reflects the role art museums play as engines for the creative economy and partners with school systems and civic organizations—directly and indirectly benefiting everyone in their communities.

AAMD encourages visitors to use social media to share their Art Museum Day experiences using the hashtag #artmuseumday.

“Art museums are invaluable communal spaces that bring people together to experience the best of human creativity across cultures and generations,” said Chris Anagnos, Executive Director of AAMD. “On Art Museum Day, museums across noard Amerika invite everyone to come together with their families, friends, and neighbors to celebrate that creative spirit, connect in common experiences, and enjoy great works of art.”

“The members of AAMD are proud to participate in Art Museum Day as part of our service to our communities,” said Brian Ferriso, President of AAMD and Director and Chief Curator of the Portland Art Museum. “We are excited to share our programs, exhibitions, and collections with the public and welcome everyone to join us on mei 18. "

AAMD represents 245 art museums in the U.S., Kanada, en Meksiko. An agile, issues-driven organization, AAMD has three desired outcomes: engagement, leadership, and shared learning.

A comprehensive list of participating AAMD member art museums will be available on the AAMD website, which also lists museums celebrating on dates adjacent to mei 18.

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Jürgen T Steinmetz

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