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Untwikkelje de takomstige lieders fan Sina: partnerskip fan Hilton en CFPA

Skreaun troch Jürgen T Steinmetz

Hilton is it earste horloazjebedriuw wurden dat gearwurket mei de China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, yn in bid om liederskipstraining te leverjen en projekten te fundearjen dy't positive maatskiplike feroaring tewei bringe.

The partnership, officially launched at an event in Shanghai, focuses on the Charity Future - Hilton program, an incubator project to support student-led charity societies. Over the next two years, the partnership aims to provide youth leaders from 200 student-led charity societies across 100 universities with access to leadership and training opportunities. Students can also apply for seed funding to implement local social impact projects.

“Our youth will be the next generation of change-makers in business and society, it is critical that we recognize the challenges they face and provide them with better opportunities,” said Qian Jin, president Grut Sina en Mongoalje, Hilton. “We are pleased to partner with the CFPA, to share our expertise and leverage our growing portfolio in Sina, to support young people and local communities across the country.”

Charity Future - Hilton draws heavily on the vast network and extensive experience of the CFPA, one of Sina's most influential NGOs. The CFPA’s efforts to alleviate poverty have impacted more than 24 million people in need across Sina.

Mr. Yadong Ding, Secretary General of the CFPA, said, “Charity Future - Hilton represents an important model for our organization to collaborate with industry leading businesses. Through this partnership we can make practical, lasting changes to the lives of a whole generation of students as well as the communities where they live.”

This year, Hilton and CFPA have awarded 60 charity societies with seed grants worth RMB 10,000 or RMB 5,000. Student leaders from these charity societies gathered at East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), where they presented progress on their self-organized charitable projects, received valuable feedback from experts, and underwent leadership training.

The awarded projects focus on a range of societal issues, including poverty alleviation, environmental protection, services to disadvantaged community members and advocacy for community causes. Charity Future – Hilton is an integral piece of the company’s Travel with Purpose commitment to create meaningful opportunities for people, strengthen communities and preserve the environment. The program is expected to impact 10,000 young people, helping Hilton towards its goal to impact 1 million youth by 2019.

In addition to collaborating with organizations such as the CFPA to develop and equip youth, Hilton has also partnered with the International Youth Foundation to present the Global Youth Wellbeing Index, the second edition of which was recently previewed at the United Nations Youth Assembly. The Index indicates that too many young people remain disconnected from vital job skills and economic opportunities, and that investment in youth is urgently needed at this moment in history, when half of the world’s population is under 30.

More than 24,000 people are employed across Hilton’s portfolio of over 100 hotels and corporate offices in Sina. Tens of thousands of more jobs arebeing created with its existing pipeline of 275 hotels. To help meet its demand for talent, the company has also built strategic alliances with various Chinese universities and academic institutions across the country.

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