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It gefal fan it ûntbrekkende pandemyplan fan Italië

Who took the decision and ran with it?

Under observation, therefore, the general directors of prevention of the Ministry of Health seem finished, who have alternated over the last 10 years, but also the directors of office number 5, in charge of updating the pandemic plan. We are talking not only about Ranieri Guerra, General Manager of Preven from 2014 to 2017, but also by Giuseppe Ruocco, who preceded him, and Claudio D’Amario in office until April of last year, besides the various heads of office 5, all already heard by the prosecutors.

It is, therefore, clear the weight of the double role of the Deputy Director of WHO, Guerra, (investigated for false testimony given to the prosecutors of Bergamo), who boasted – in a chat gained by the judiciary – with the President of the ISS, Silvio Brusaferro, about having withdrawn the document.

“He had the document” critical of Italy drawn up by the “donkeys of Venice,” in order to protect the Ministry of Health from reconstructions which he said were incorrect of which he tried to protect himself above all.

Because of the failure to adapt the national pandemic plan, stopped in 2006, what is first called into question is the work of all the general managers in the prevention of the ministry. This is known by Guerra, and for this reason, he proposed to Brusaferro to “review together” the report.

Both Guerra and Brusaferro would know the alleged involvement of Speranza in this affair as it seems logical that messages to the minister were sent from their cell phones in those days – messages not to be published without the go-ahead from parliament (Speranza is also a deputy). It remains to be seen whether Speranza did indeed bless Guerra’s initiative to withdraw that report and “review it together.”

On May 11, 2020, a few days before the publication of the report, its curator Francesco Zambon – who has now resigned and sued the WHO – exchanged e-mails with Cristiana Salvi, WHO External Relations Manager. Zambon wrote: “Some things cannot be silenced,” to which Salvi replied: “Knowing the field of action, I see this report as a real media bomb.”

At the beginning of December, Donato Greco, former Director General of Prevention at the Ministry of Health from 2004 to 2006 and from March 2021 a member of the CTS, said: “I followed the work of the 2006 pandemic plan until its approval in the State Regions Conference. A pandemic plan is a living body and should have been updated periodically. It was not done.”

Microbiologist Andrea Crisanti, technical consultant of the Bergamo prosecutor’s office, will deliver his technical report before the summer which calls to answer 3 questions: the first on the impact of the non-closure of the Alzano Lombardo hospital, the second on the possible link between the missing red zone in Val Seriana and the increase in mortality in that area, and the third on the application of the national pandemic plan.

If it had been applied – starting from the first WHO alert of January 5, 2020 – would it have reduced deaths? “Italy had an influenza pandemic plan,” explained Crisanti, “and the WHO had given indications that this should be taken as a reference. Other countries have implemented it with positive effects, such as New Zealand.”


Source: Domani

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