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It toerisme fan Itaalje glimket oer Campania Teatro 2021

For foreign companies, there are 3 national debuts whose dates and places are defined in September: on the 8th and 9th at the Bellini theatre in Naples, the show by Argentine Director Marina Otero, on the 16th  and 17th the new work of the Greek choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou at the Politeama theatre in Naples, while on September 23 and 24 the latest creation by Swiss Director Christoph Marthaler will be staged at the Bellini theater with Graham F. Valentine.

Protagonists of this edition, which premiered on March 19 at the (historical) Mercadante theater in Naples with the concert of the “Luigi Cherubini” Youth Orchestra conducted by Maestro Riccardo Muti (available for free, streaming on live.napoliteatrofestival.it, cultura.regione.campania.it, ansa.it, and ravennafestival.live), will be, among others as follows.

Auto Untwerp

Pompeii Theatrum Mundi

Also this year, confirming a virtuous team game with another important cultural reality in the area will be the collaboration with Il Teatro Stabile di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale. This agreement will materialize with the co-production of 3 shows included in the Special Projects section of the festival and will be staged at the Teatro Grande in Pompeii as part of the “Pompeii Theatrum Mundi” review: on June 24. Jan Fabre will direct Resurrexit Cassandra with text by Ruggero Cappuccio, music by Stef Camil Karlens, and played by Sonia Bergamasco on July 1-3 at The Purgatory.

The night washes your mind, by Mario Luzi, is directed by Federico Tiezzi, and then the world premiere of La cerisaie/The cherry garden, by Anton Cechov, directed by Portuguese Tiago Rodrigues, starring Isabelle Huppert.

Once again, as has always happened in the editions directed by Ruggero Cappuccio, the image of the festival is entrusted to the creativity of Maestro Mimmo Paladino who, interpreting the identity and soul of the exhibition, has created a work of art in 7 paintings that will embellish the catalog and materials of the event.

Rai Cultura, Rai5 – Rai Radio3 Media partner 2021

The fruitful synergy that the Campania Festival Foundation has built day after day with the Cultural Institutes (Institut Français, Goethe Institut, Cervantes Institute, British Council) and the Universities (University of Naples) which continues with increasing strength and intensity: l’Orientale, Federico II University, Suor Orsola Benincasa, Luigi Vanvitelli University, and Salerno University as well as media partners in 2021 Rai Cultura; Rai5, which will broadcast some of the events of the review; and Rai Radio3.

The Campania Teatro Festival confirms a prudent pricing policy aimed at encouraging public participation. Tickets can be purchased online on the website in the coming months and on the day of the event at the box office set up for the occasion. The proceeds from the shows in the Music section will be donated to the Cotugno Hospital in Naples.

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Mario Masciullo - eTN Itaalje

Mario is in feteraan yn 'e reisindustry.
Syn ûnderfining wreidet wrâldwiid út sûnt 1960 doe't hy op 'e leeftyd fan 21 begon Japan, Hong Kong en Tailân te ferkennen.
Mario hat it Wrâldtoerisme aktueel sjoen ûntwikkeljen en wie tsjûge fan de
ferneatiging fan 'e woartel/tsjûgenis fan it ferline fan in goed oantal lannen yn it foardiel fan moderniteit/foarútgong.
Yn 'e lêste 20 jier hat Mario's reisûnderfining him konsintrearre yn Súd -East -Aazje en te let it Yndiaanske subkontinint opnommen.

In diel fan 'e wurkûnderfining fan Mario omfettet meardere aktiviteiten yn' e Civil Aviation
fjild ôfsletten nei it organisearjen fan de kik off fan foar Malaysia Singapore Airlines yn Itaalje as ynstitút en gie 16 jier troch yn 'e rol fan Sales /Marketing Manager Italië foar Singapore Airlines nei de splitsing fan' e twa regearingen yn oktober 1972.

De offisjele lisinsje fan Mario is troch de "National Order of Journalists Rome, Italië yn 1977.