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US Raptor Fighter jets út Hawaï reageare op 'e provokaasje fan Ruslân 300 milen fan' e strannen fan Hawaï

Back in 2017, the FAA requested a support flight from Hickam at which time 2 F-22s were sent up to escort an American Airlines flight from California because of a passenger trying to force his way to the front of the plane. The FBI took the passenger into custody upon landing.

The 154th Wing is part of the Hawaii Air National Guard but works actively with the Air Force and provides most of the islands’ security. It has F-22 pilots on call 24 hours a day at Hickam for rapid-responses to potential threats to the Hawaiian islands.

Many military aviation units across the Pacific region have lately increased their training and operations tempo. The Air Force recently began spreading its planes around the Pacific with frequent flights to airstrips across distant islands.

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