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Loftheld piloatheld Sully kin ICAO Amerikaanske ambassadeur wurde

Sullenberger notified LaGuardia’s air control that he was returning to the airport. However, as the plane continued to descend in a glide, Sullenberger believed that it would be unable to reach LaGuardia. An airport in New Jersey was also quickly ruled out. Shortly thereafter he notified air control that he was going to attempt a very risky and rare water landing, in the Hudson River. At approximately 3:29 PM, Sullenberger announced over the intercom “This is the captain. Brace for impact.”

Some 3 1/2 minutes after colliding with the birds, the plane landed in the river. The fuselage’s aft end made first contact, and that section suffered severe damage, notably a rupture that allowed water to enter the aircraft. However, the plane remained buoyant, thanks in part to the fuel tanks, which were not full. Passengers and crew then exited the plane via the forward slide/rafts and walked onto the wings or entered inflatable rafts. Local ferries and emergency responders were on the scene within minutes. A number of the passengers were treated for hypothermia, but only five people suffered more serious injuries. Notably a flight attendant was cut on the leg during the landing and required surgery.

While Sullenberger became a national hero to many, some were critical of his decision to land in the Hudson River. However, a lengthy investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that his decision to ditch in the Hudson had been appropriate. Within days of the emergency landing, the aircraft was removed from the river, and in 2011 it was put on display at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte. The incident was the subject of the Clint Eastwood drama Sully (2016), with Tom Hanks in the title role.

All nominees must receive Senate confirmation before they can assume their roles.

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