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Jeropeesk reissentimint sweeft mei faksins en EU-COVID ID-útrol

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Travel within Europe at the forefront

Europeans eager to travel soon are most enthused about summer journeys: 31% plan to travel during June and July and 41% during August and September, while the other 16% intend to take a trip in autumn. The survey also shows a significant rise in the interest for outbound travel; half of the respondents wish to visit another European country (51%), while 36% favor domestic trips to enjoy their own countries’ attractions. Europeans travelling abroad this summer prefer Southern destinations, such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Portugal for their next trip.

As for the planning status of these trips, 42% of “early-bird” travelers have made some or all of their bookings for their next getaway, 40% have chosen a destination but not yet made any bookings, and 19% are still deciding where to go.

Europeans eager to travel yet still concerned about flights and quarantine measures

While travel sentiment continues to improve, 19% of surveyed “early-bird” travelers express major concern about unexpected quarantine measures during their trips. This once again proves that clear and coherent travel rules are essential to boost travel confidence across Europe.

Air travel remains the most worrisome part of the journey for 18% of all respondents for health and safety reasons. Although it is still the most preferred option among Europeans with short-term travel plans, the appeal of air travel (47%) has decreased by 11% since February 2021, whereas the preference for travelling by car (39%) has increased by 23% over the same period.

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Harry Johnson

Harry Johnson hat de opdrachtredakteur west foar eTurboNews hast 20 jier.
Harry wennet yn Honolulu, Hawaï en is oarspronklik út Jeropa.
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